How often do you clean your Browning?

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  1. Spiros

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    Very informative link…thanks !!
  2. SHOOTER13

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    No problem...been using WD-40 for decades with nothing bad to report.
  3. Everytime I shoot I clean mine.
    My 525 sees at least 100 plastic cupped lead loads a week. At the club while still warm the gun is taken down to it's main compents.
    The inside of the barrel is saturated with ed's red. and put to the side so it runs out.
    The forend is sprayed with legia and wiped down. (mini bottle of napier refilled from my big legia via the napier GA adapter).
    The reciever is wiped and sprayed and cleaned.
    Both go in the hard case and the trigger lock is put on.

    The barrel is then sprayed once more and a Hoppes boresnake is passed through.

    I then head home.

    When I get home, the barrel is soaked in legia inside and out.

    The forend is sprayed and wiped down, the receiver is sprayed and cleaned.

    The barrel is cleaned first with a brush then a spiral.
    Patches are passed through until only clean oil is produced.

    The chokes are pulled cleaned and copper anti-seized applied.

    Chokes replaced (extended chokes) hand tightened.

    Breakfree CLP or Mobil 1 or Bisley gun oil is applied to lube points.

    Put in it's gun stock and placed in the gun safe with a VCI pouch.

    Sometimes I'll give it a once over for fun!

    At home I used cotton mittens to handle the gun.

    Once every 12 months 10K rounds (which ever is sooner) I open the action, soak it in Ed's Red clean it up real good with q-tips and reapply legia oil (last time I used Napier Gun grease with VP90).

    Regarding WD40, I've seen plenty of firearms live long happy lifes fed only spray on WD40! I recently acquired a Baikal o/v 12g and when I went to service the action (first purchase). It was CAKED in a sticky, gummy, yellow mess. Apparently this is the result of unhindered, repeated use of WD40. Gun operated fine and was easy to clean. No idea how true it was that this was caused by WD40 just the opinion of club mates.
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  4. Kickapoo swinger

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    For my center fires I clean after every shooting session.
    My rim fires I wipe down all externals after every use. I do not clean the bore or chamber until accuracy drops off.
  5. lrrp75thRngr

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    Hello. I'm a new member. I clean my crossover every time I shoot. For me, its part of the fun of a sporting clays outing
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  7. b igjedd1

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    After every shoot I usually spray the barrels of my 12g's with rem-oil and then push a few bits of ordinary paper towel through the barrels and they come up mirror clean.

    When I get home I wipe all the old grease of the receiver and action and re grease the gun. I then respray the barrels with wd40 and let it sit for a moment with the barrels in an oil tray so I don't get a mess on the floor (keeps the missus happy). I leave the chokes in so the wd 40 will run down through the chokes.
    After around ten minutes soaking time, I put a wire brush onto a cleaning rod and attach the rod to my 12v drill and run the rod up and down each barrel a few times, making sure I go through the chokes. I then run the paper towels through each barrel and they come up clean. The wd40 soaks the plastic build up in the chokes and cleans them of good. Then I take the chokes out and give the threads a clean both on the chokes and in the barrels, regrease them and put them back in.

    I try to do this religiously so I know next time I go to a shoot the guns are ready.

    If I am not shooting for a while I will run a mop soaked in oil through the barrels before putting them in storage otherwise I just put them together and into the safe until my next shoot which usually is every weekend.
  8. b igjedd1

    b igjedd1 Copper BB

    Oh! and every year in March most of the local clubs are closed for the duck season, so after the first couple weeks of duck season the duck numbers fade, that's when I do a full action strip down and clean, re oil and grease internally and clean/replace firing pins on my sporting guns.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    Good idea...
  10. sschefer

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    Today's ammunition is non-corrosive so cleaning immediately after shooting is not critical. I typically take several rifles and handguns to the range so cleaning them in one sitting is often a dreaded chore. I wipe them down after the shoot and put them in the safe and then when I have time to do a good job, I pull a couple out and clean them. I typically shoot every other week or so. My AR's are a pain to clean compared to my bolt rifles but they are designed to be cleaned about every 400 rounds or so. I probably go 200 at the most.

    After cleaning and before oiling, I use a spray dry lube and then after it dries I very lightly oil except my AR's which I dry lube and then add a quart or so... LOL..
  11. Tim Lange

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    I live fire my 1911-380 once a week and clean it after shooting. I dry fire it every evening Monday through Friday, which is why I clean it after every live fire so I'm not handling a dirty pistol.
  12. Budzo100

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    HI Guys. What do you use on the stock of your shotguns. I'm looking to re-oil my stocks, and an Auto 5, on my Citori, and on my BPS. But they are all gloss in finish. What product do you guys use on the wood???
  13. Tim Lange

    Tim Lange .22LR

    I would use a wax, but quite sparingly, if there was any checkering I would use a paint brush to clean out any grooves first. I do touch my pistol grips with gun oil, but only incidentally and wipe them down with a clean, dry microfiber cloth when all done cleaning.
  14. Budzo100

    Budzo100 .410

    Hi Tim. Ok, which kind of wax? I"m not trying to be a smart ass, but there is lots of different wax's out there, and i'm just looking to get it back to a nice finish. Do you recommend any certain one?
  15. Tim Lange

    Tim Lange .22LR

    So far, I have just used Pledge. I spray on a clean rag and then wipe the grips. I use my finger nail to rub it into the checkering and clean out any excess. I would think any wood wax will work fine, but a paste may take more effort to apply and rub excess off due to checkering. If you shoot with gloves, do a test first, to make sure you can still get a grip after waxing.

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