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  1. Ky wonder

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    Picked up this 1995 chrome pistol last week, with original box, box shows it shipped with target sights.

    My question is this, most pics I see of this era pistol shows chrome front sight, but mine has a black front with red ramp.

    What say ye? 420845-800x598.jpg
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    WADR, your 1995 Silver Chrome/Sport (Adjustable Sight) Model is built on what is commonly referred to as a MkIII "Chassis"...meaning the features of a typical MkIII, but with a different finish, grips and/or sights. MkIII "Chassis" BHPs (serial production began in 1989 and coexisted with the end of the previous...MkII & Classic, Models until 1990) with adjustable sights were normally fitted with a tall matte black front sight set in a MkIII spec dovetail cut. The pre-MkIII "Chassis" Sport Model front sight (3 different rear sights were used between c.1971 and 1989) was silver soldered to the slide, hence they were finished the same as the slide...Blue/Silver Chrome/Nickel. They were not the same "era" as your MkIII "Chassis" pistol. Oh, IF your front sight has a red ramp, it's not factory...the pic doesn't appear to show a red ramp...perhaps it's painted?

    Incidentally, the adjustable sights can be swapped for standard FN factory MkIII fixed sights or MkIII spec aftermarket sights such as NS...IF you're of a mind to do so.

    Incidentally #2, being a 1995 pistol, it's likely...though not 100%, a cast frame BHP. Look for striations on the butt and/or a casting mark on the inside of the magwell.

    Hope that helps...
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  3. Ky wonder

    Ky wonder Copper BB

    Thanks for the reply
  4. sub-moa

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