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Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by tesoro, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. tesoro

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    Hi new here but not to Browings. I had a 7-08 blr a long time ago and decided to get another but this time in ss as a truck gun.
    I have a vx6 2-12x42 takeoff which should be a great scope for it. I was wondering if anyone has tried the see thru mounts with the straight grip stock to see if the higher scope mount would sort of mess up your cheek weld positioning,. I have never actually had see thrus but seems like it would be better to squash your cheek more to use irons than have to raise your head to use the scope. I would say I would use the scope most of the time esp having that larger diameter eyepiece and 2x.
    If I did opt to go with dual sighting I would want to swap to skinners. Did that on a marlin guide gun and liked them.
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    I will defer your question to the membership...
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  3. MZ5

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    See-through rings are a DISASTER for cheek weld. You can't squish your face down for irons; your bones get in the way. So, you just lose all semblance of cheek weld when you use see-through rings. I hate them.
  4. tesoro

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    Thx for the confirmation! I ordered skinners with the peep in their base and qd Talley rings. Had skinners on a marlin guide gun they were nice
  5. tesoro

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    Well Skinner is backlogged so I went with talley ss base and already had the QD rings. I have a set of talley one piece medium height rings but they are too high FYI for a good weld. Have low mount on the way. They will fir with a 44mm bell.

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