Hells Canyon Pro X Bolt Rifle?

Discussion in 'Browning X-Bolt Rifle' started by David Johnson, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. The Popular Hells Canyon Speed Rifle may evolve into a Pro Model. The Dura Touch Stock
    will continue in 2019. What if the very high tech Carbon Weave stock gets added to achieve a much higher level durability and much lower carry weight? A growing group of Bolt owners now believe this is possible and the rifle could boost sales of an already award winnng rifle and feature both added value and substantially reduced weight. Our projection is a 6 pound rifle in a great looking and high tech hunting rifle. The ATACS Camo would morph into something closer to the current premium X Bolt Pro look and command a street price around $1,200 to $1,300 about $500 less than the Pro? For those torn between the advantages of the Pro and financial realities of working class buyers this might result in a win win for both hunters and the manufacturer! Tell us and Browning what you think!
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  2. Forget this option for the popular Hells Canyon Speed Rifle. It is not going to change. If you want the carbon weave generation two stock you have to go X Bolt Pro. From my limited experience with it, it is amazing. If I was not so happy with the Maple Stocked X Bolts I would buy another in the Pro Model. They are truly that excellent. I have looked at the Long Range Model But have decided for my use to stick with the 22 inch barrel.

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