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Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Area' started by MK55, Mar 14, 2021.

  1. MK55

    MK55 Copper BB

    I retired recently and I am anxious to get back into hunting and shooting as soon as I get my cataracts fixed and my new BAR Mk3 DBM arrives. I’ve hunted pheasants in Iowa in the 80’s, Michigan Whitetail after that and hope to add hog, Alaskan big game and more wingshooting to the list. This is the first forum I’ve joined so I hope to figure out how to navigate it.
  2. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    Southwest Idaho (formerly from the south side of Chi-town and later the Peoria area) says Hi and welcome!!

    What part of Illinois?
  3. MK55

    MK55 Copper BB

    Hi Bill. I live in the southwest suburbs now. I worked at 53rd and Kedzie for close to 30 years. I had a customer in Peoria which I used to see every month but never got to know the city very well. How long have you been in Idaho and how do you like it?
  4. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    Born in Roseland, then moved down to Tinley park (177th and Cicero), then Metamora near Peoria. Moved to Idaho in 1980.

    NOTHING in Illinois is better than anything in Idaho. I still have relatives in the Peoria/Galesburg area and visit every handful of years.

    And sadly, I have been told we are full up, otherwise I would invite people to move here. (We have had an unbelievable amount of Kalifornians move here, ruining our housing market for Idahoans, and dragging along their liberal beliefs. (Granted, not all, but a huge majority leave for economic reasons, but liberal none the less. )

    This is one of the nicer forums I frequent. It can get kind of quiet every once in awhile, but feel free to chat about darn-near anything. ESPECIALLY regarding older A5s!!!!
  5. MK55

    MK55 Copper BB

    I’ve wanted to leave Illinois for a long time. I thought North Carolina might suit me weather wise in addition to being more conservative than Illinois. However, some areas of NC are experiencing the same thing you are. Smaller towns are changing as too many outsiders move in.

    One of the earliest shotguns that I shot was an A5. It was a neighbors gun and I didn’t know what it was until years later. How could I forget that shape. I was just looking at the new A5’ s online today. I’m going to start looking for my second shotgun. It would be used for a little trap shooting, sporting clays and pheasant hunting for my son to use. What’s your opinion of the new A5 or any other Browning auto loader?
  6. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    You are asking the wrong person that!
    I am a...... shall-we-say............ "Dedicated" older (me AND the gun) A5 guy. (12 gauge.) Before the recent tragic boating accident, I had about 35 of them. The vast majority of mine are/were round butt models, so made before 1966 or so. I can barely accept when they went to the square butt models, and have reluctantly accepted history in that FN moved the production to Japan later, but the "new" A5----Saint John is shaking his head in disgust I bet.
    Older Auto 5s have a soul. They talk to you if you listen carefully. The fit, the finish, the lines and balance. The history and prestige.

    The ONLY other autoloading shotgun Saint John made that I would take a second glance at------------gulp, dare I say it out loud ------would have been the 16 gauge Auto 5!!

  7. MK55

    MK55 Copper BB

    I picked up my new BAR Mk3 DBM a week ago. I’ll start figuring out what type of ammunition it likes once I get a scope mounted and my cataracts fixed. I hope it likes ammunition I can find on the shelf

    The shop owner and I started talking about Auto-5 vs A5 and Maxus II. They had a “Sweet 16” there. New! Talk about lightweight! It seems like it would be a great field gun.

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