Hello all from Central Alabama!

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  1. Butchman205

    Butchman205 Copper BB

    Butchman205 here.
    Thanks for allowing me in your group.
    I got my “handle” of Butchman205 many years ago, after some of the kids in our youth group at church started calling me Butchman. Butch is not my legal name, but when I was 4months old, my 4-yr-old sister said I looked like a “Butch”...and it stuck. I live near B’ham,Alabama...hence the 205.

    I’ve been a lifelong shooter and hunter.
    I started shooting skeet occasionally about 20 years ago, and after a long hiatus, discovered Sporting Clays...I love it!!!
    After shooting a Rem 1100 for a few months, I wanted a quality o/u...and friends suggested I look for a Browning 525 Sporting and call it done.
    I found what I think was a good deal on a 525-12 Sporting w/32” barrels. I love it!
    I was looking for a similar 525 in 20 gauge just because...why not! Haha!
    A local gun store told me they had a 425-20 Sporting for $1650. When I got there I found it WAS NOT a 425-20, but was a 12 with original Browning hard case, and two sets of Briley 20 & 28 gauge downgauge tubes.
    Not knowing how much Briley full length tubes cost, I offered them $1500 out the door but they wouldn’t do it. I passed. After a friend threatened to whip my tail if I didn’t buy it or tell him where it was...I went and got it. Man...I love that sucker too!
    Looks like I’m now a huge 425 and 525 fan!
  2. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    Southwest Idaho says Hi!

    Don't have any ol' A5s laying around do ya' ?
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  3. Butchman205

    Butchman205 Copper BB

    No sir. I’ve got an old Model 12 30” full choke from my dog deer hunting days. Always wanted an old A5, but never came across one that anyone around here would part with...they’re pretty much inherited items around here.
  4. ripjack13

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    Howdy, welcome to the club.
    Sorry I'm late to the festivities...
    Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.
    Please, feel free to chime in on any conversation, anywhere...

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