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    I just purchased a new 1911/22 and it has a terrible trigger and the grip safety doesn't always release. I own 5 1911's so being familiar with the Browning design I wonder if any other people have had this problem with the little .22? I will be sending it back to the mothership. Thanks, Bat
  2. Yes, definitely send it back. Mine shot way high and to the right with all brands of ammo until I sent it back and they "recalibrated the barrel" - whatever that means. It shoots very well now. The trigger is definitely not the best but for a range gun I make do with it. Pretty heavy pull for a SA trigger, though.

    Re the grip safety: I am right handed but due to severe arthritis damage I have to shoot left handed. I cannot hold the grip of my 1911-22 tight enough with my right hand to engage the grip safety. Opposite of your problem, where your's won't pop back out, but I think they are a bit touchy.

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