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    I presented this post on SGW. This post may be of interest for the 16 gauge lover. I believe this Browning might have been the first official 16 gauge prototype.

    Following this 1976 FN Browning Legia Catalogue, this pictured Browning auto-5 would be the final 1902 prototype. Looking closely, it appears to me that some elements of this shotgun don’t fit the 1902 12 gauge production. First it should be equipped with the suicide safety. Second, the surface of the carrier latch bottom should be smooth, this one has concentric circles that, following Sauerfan, appears only in 1909. Then, there is the barrel extension that is exceeding the receiver, which, following again Sauerfan, appears only on some 1904 examples. Is that really a 1902 prototype or an early 16 gauge prototype?



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    I agree that barrel extension looks like a 16 to me.
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    I think the prototype is in the Browning Museum in Ogden, Utah. It has the suicide safety and a one of a kind magazine cap. This gun looks like a 16. Not just because the barrel extension is visible, but also because the receiver looks shorter. The shorter receiver of the 16 is what makes the barrel extension protrude.

    This could be the prototype 16. That would explain the safety and mag cap. And look at the straight receiver bottom. According to Sauerfan, the reinforcing bump was added in 1909 — the year the 16 was introduced. Could be the only 16 gauge Auto-5 without the bump.

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