Firing Pin Spring

Discussion in 'Browning Citori Shotgun' started by shooting again, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. shooting again

    shooting again Copper BB

    Why does the firing pin for the top barrel in my Citori 525 not have a return spring in it? The bottom one does. It was a surprise to find this out, but I talked with a long time skeet shooter who knew it already.
  2. Garwood

    Garwood Copper BB

    The angle that the shell apporaches the firing pin pushes the firing pin back in on the top barrel. The bottom barrel has more of a shearing action if the pin was not returned with the spring.
  3. rbdjr

    rbdjr Copper BB

    And if the pin did not return on bottom barrel you would be unable to close the gun after you opened the breech

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