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  1. trapshoooter43

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    [​IMG] I bought this gun about 4 years ago. I dont know the entire history on this shotgun. It has a Prince of Whales grip on a Trap stock , with a beaver style fore stock. In the past Ive only ever seen the Prince of Whales grip used on the Lightning models, with more comb drop. IMG_20150113_182040.JPG The gun is dated 1993, 32" ported , invector plus barrels. Ive seen pictures of other guns from 1993 but they always have a pistol style grip. Just trying to determine if this is someones creation or a production gun, serial # ********NXN43. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I can’t help you much, but the Configuration Code N43 is 12 Ga. Trap, Conventional Stock. of manufacture.pdf

    Also, you made me laugh. England doesn’t have a Prince of Whales, though the grip’s namesake, Prince Albert, was pretty portly, so it’s an honest mistake. Naming the heir to the throne the Prince of Wales eased rebellion among the Welch.
  3. trapshoooter43

    trapshoooter43 Copper BB

  4. trapshoooter43

    trapshoooter43 Copper BB

    I am suspect that it may be a Lightning Sporting stock code W53 , that someone has cut down and installed

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