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  1. looking at citori o/u and can’t find anything on this. Very confusing. Anyway I’m sure I’m just not looking at it right. # 20058pz153 if anyone can help. It’s a 410. Looks like 1981
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  2. kumpe

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    Like you said, 1981. Or were you looking for other information on it?
  3. Other info. Can’t find 153 anywhere. Haven’t seen it yet and serial number was given to me.
  4. It’s listed as a skeet gun, but to my knowledge the serial number should be different. Most likely a field gun. Which is ok just want skeet chokes. Which don’t think browning started using until later in the 80’s. I have had briley do thin wall chokes but it’s expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks kumpe
  5. kumpe

    kumpe .410

  6. I agree. Maybe it was just given to me wrong. Not sure. Thought maybe I was missing something. Anyway this thing could be something wired. It’s definitely a 410.
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  8. Well thought I would update the serial number drama. It was the wrong serial number and once I got there and got the correct one, it turned out to be a 1981 citori with 26” barrels **$ stamped on it. Grade 1. Stock has some scratches, but over all really good condition. I shouldered it and needless to say that’s all it took. Sweet little 410.

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