Citori Barrel Discoloration

Discussion in 'Browning Citori Shotgun' started by Jeff Brittain, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Jeff Brittain

    Jeff Brittain Copper BB

    Good afternoon and Happy Fourth of July week!

    I picked up a Citori 725 Sporting 2 weeks ago. Shot three rounds of trap through it, cleaned it, cased it and opened it up has perfectly spaced apart "white" spots down both barrels. It looks like it's polka-dotted. They're not white, white. They're more like gray. Like a finger print. However, they're not prints. And they won't wipe off.

    Any ideas? Never seen this on any of my sporting guns. I'll post two pics as well. Notice how the dots alternate barrels and work their way all the way down to the end?
  2. Jeff Brittain

    Jeff Brittain Copper BB

    Two pics [​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Never seen that before...

    Were the spots there before you cleaned and cased it...?

    Or after you cleaned and cased it...?

    What cleaner did you use...?
  4. Jeff Brittain

    Jeff Brittain Copper BB

    Nope. It was perfect when bought it. And perfect when I cleaned it. Opened the case back up a week later and it was dotted. Shot a note to Browning. We'll see what they say.

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  5. Jeff Brittain

    Jeff Brittain Copper BB

    Showed up after I cased it. I just used a gun cloth with some Rem Oil on it to get the fingerprints off. Just like always.

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  6. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest's that tell you...?!

    The closed case caused the discoloration along the barrel. ( ie The closed case has "points of pressure" on the gun barrel at those spaced intervals. )

    What type of oil / clp did you use to wipe it down...?

    Was it really wet when put into the case...or air dried ?

    Is the inside of the case marked with oil at those same intervals...? ( ie...the oil soaked into the "pressure points" on the closed case )

    Doubt Browning will tell you anything different...and they surely won't take blame or have you send it in.
  7. Jeff Brittain

    Jeff Brittain Copper BB

    Dang! That's it!! You're exactly right!!! Bingo!! I've since bought a custom case for it that doesn't have the foam in it. You da man. Thanks for solving the mystery!

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  8. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Not a problem...cause + effect my friend.

    Enjoy your new Citori...
  9. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    Dang, son! I have heard of tiger-striped wood, but tiger-striped bluing... now that is a rare firearm, indeed! ;-)

    Yup, Shooter nailed it. You can easily see that the eggshell foam makes the same exact pattern. It is one of those things that you go "Oh... dang! Duh." to yourself when it hits you. Happens to us all, from time to time.

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