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    In the FWIW category, I recently had a double issue with my 525 Sporting. Light strikes on the bottom barrel and several instances of doubling. Weird thing is that when it doubled nobody noticed any louder noise than a single shot and I didn't notice any increase in recoil; just a click for the second barrel and 2 fired hulls when I opened the action.

    Took it to my 'smith and he had to go to Browning for help. Wound up replacing the lower firing pin and spring. Seems the bottom barrel firing pin strikes at an angle and strains parts (as I understood the explanation) and also rebuilt the sear area for the doubling problem. Not sure which pieces were replaced to cure the doubling issue. Gunsmith did the work and parts for free saying he sold me the gun and stands behind his merchandise! Gotta love a business that does that. On the other side, I have done something over 5 figures of business with him over the years. Might have something to do with it. (^_^)
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