Browning service reputation...Comments?

Discussion in 'Browning Owners Site Support' started by joester, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. joester

    joester .22LR

    I'd like to know others' experiences in this area...Thanks!
  2. randyofTX

    randyofTX Copper BB

    the browning repair center in Arnold, MO is the best I have seen.I sent an a-bolt to have the trigger fixed that my gunsmith broke and they fixed it in a timely manner, crisp 3lb. and ,to my surprise, no charge!I sent another a-bolt in to get the trigger adjusted(lots of creep),got it back in a few weeks,crisp 3lb. perfect and at no charge.You may find some posts that this Browning repair center was highly disappointing , but in my experience they are great! John Moses Browning would be very pleased!
  3. stevegmanion

    stevegmanion .22LR

    I too just visited the Browning center in Arnold MO.
    I was having trouble with my CXT. They promptly took my shotgun and looked it over made adjustments shot it 25 time and handed it back to me. It was still warm so I know they shot it. All in less than 30 minutes. I was
    Told to buy Browning because of their service policies. Now I know I made the correct choice.
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  4. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    Honestly I think it’s like anything else in the world. Sometimes you get a nice/knowledgeable person that wants to help and all goes well. Then you might get a person that’s having a bad day and you become their target and not so good of an experience. Then you have to consider yourself and what your expectations are. Some people expect the world and cause it’s theirs, expect special treatment. Most tend to forget that guns of all name brands are going to have problems. Things break, owners don’t do their part correctly and it all has an effect. Some people you just can’t tell anything, so that person will never be happy. I have talked to browning on several occasions and have always been pleased. Most of the people you talk to are shooters and hunters just like us. They have limits on what they can do, because of their policies, which they may not even agree with, but are only employees. I love my Browning’s, and whether service sucks or not, they are still the best shotguns to me. Do I think since the old school a5 they went really wrong in using someone else’s gas system on their gun? Hell yes pretty stupid in my mind, but then again there are lots of things that go into a new design that I don’t know about or probably even considered.

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