Browning Safari FN 30-06 and 3 stage safety issues

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    Hello All

    First time posting here and first time owning a Browning (or rifle for that matter :) ).

    please be kind as i am learning how to discuss and talk about guns etc ...

    I am only recently into owning and shooting and started about 4 months ago. I have a buddy who is a collector and had a friend looking to part ways with a Browning Safari FN 30-06. After purchasing, my buddy stripped it sanded it down and re stained it etc. pics attached....

    My buddy fired it at 100yrds and had 5 shots all dead on. sent it to me and i took it to the range.

    i started playing with the 3 stage a bit and didnt really notice anything until one of the range hands who loves brownings gave it a try. they had it in stage 2 and opened the bolt, closed it and then left the safety in stage 2 by accident and pulled the trigger...nothing... then realized the second stage was on...moved it to safety off...and BOOM...fired...with the they DID NOT PULL THE TRIGGER.

    so i replicated it at home with a snap cap... essentially in stage two if you watch the safety as one opens and shuts the bolt, you can observe the safety move ever so slightly to safety off... but not enough to engage the trigger... however when one pulls the trigger, its like the trigger locks but doesnt fire.

    so at this point, moving the safety off actually fires the gun as if releasing the trigger...

    does anyone have any thoughts/experience with the 3 stage to have an idea what may be wrong.

    the first gun smith i took this to told me that the saftey was not meant to be 3 stage but two stage and thats my problem?

    thanks for reading this far :)



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    I’m not familiar with the terms Stage 2 and 3, but a conventional Mauser safety has 3 positions: Fire, Safe with bolt unlocked, and Safe with bolt locked. I’m assuming it’s this 2nd position that is causing your malfunction.

    If that’s the case, your rifle is in an unsafe condition and needs to go to a gunsmith before being fired again. Though probably out of warranty, Browning would probably correct this for free. I would call Midwest Gun Works, a Browning Service Center, for advice. You’ll probably get faster service from them than Browning Inc.
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    Does your trigger group look like this? Keep in mind it's adjustable. So someone could have adjusted it improperly, there could be a part missing, pins loose, spring, broken or missing, etc. The trigger group is simple yet very robust.

    This is what an intact one looks like and the proper sear engagement that's safe. Hopefully the pics are clear and help. The first and third image show the engagement and how finite it can be adjusted to. You can check yours by removing the action from the stock, and testing it.

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