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    I think there might be something too this angle... insufficient lubrication may contribute to trapping. The new trigger group just installed by Browning didn't trap and it was absolutely dripping wet with oil compared to how I had spray cleaned (Gun Ccrubber) and then very lightly oiled (CLP) my prior trigger group. I actually thought about wiping the new trigger clean and now I'm glad I didn't.
  2. That was the 1st time I used the Gun Scrubber. For the past year before I got the Maxus, I was giving the Benellis' triggers a solid dousing of the foaming CLP to the point of dripping all over. I then blew it out with compressed air and wiped it clean. Never had a problem other than the 1st time I'd shoot, the trigger might be a little oily. I just kept a rag handy.

    Initially 2 out of the 3 Benellis had a random problem in that at times the trigger was suddenly harder to pull and it would throw my shot off. It took the trigger group to Rich Cole to tweak it but he said it worked just fine. Since I've cleaned them several times with the CLP bath, the problem seems to have disappeared in both triggers. I had seen this treatment mentioned on another forum. Next time I clean the Maxus, I'll go back to it.
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    I have a 2012 Maxus and had the same problems as most of you but I found out that the problem is not the trigger as many think. I purchased the gun late in 2012 and after only 40 shots my gun became a one shot shotgun and this happened all of a sudden. I took the shotgun to the local Browning agent and within one week Browning sent a new trigger system for my shotgun, the local agent told me that it was a modified version and that I will not have the problem again, however, when I returned to the field the problem was still there. When I told the seller that this did not solve the problem, he told me that the problem is that I was shooting to fast and in fact when we tested the shotgun it did shoot perfectly if the 2nd shot was fired a few seconds later but we all know that while hunting you cannot wait a few seconds later. I was so disappointed with this shotgun that I immediately decided to purchase another shotgun, however, I kept the Maxus. While playing in my Garage one day I decided to dismantle the Maxus, a friend told me that the problem I am having might be caused because the firing bolt is not closing quick enough so I decided to try to polish the two rails in the gun and to my amazement the Maxus now works perfectly.

    Sorry for my English but I do not live in the US, hope the above helps and btw I keep the trigger slighlty pressed while shooting and I have no problems at all now with my Maxus.

  4. Interesting. What exactly did you polish them with? What did you oil the rails with afterward? With your idea in mind, I forgot to mention earlier that I took off the stock and oiled the action spring tube as recommended in the manual.
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    I used a fine sandpaper to polish, my Maxus is in Duck Blind Camo and the interior of the receiver and the rails are black in colour. Before I polished the rails friction marks were already visible in the rails, in fact part of the rails became silver with friction marks of the firing bolt movements.

    Yes it is extremely important that you put oil in the 2 rails but never put grease. For all my shotguns I use only Beretta oil. Do not use Remington oil as it leaves a sticky residue.

    Also another thing I noticed when my Maxus was not functioning well is that when I fired the 1st shot I used to feel a slight recoil, when the Maxus functions properly you will feel no recoil at all. I use medium loads for hunting, 34grms loads.
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    HI everyone i am new user to browning maxus as well to any other shotgun its my first gun just bought 3 months ago and i have only fire 50 to 100 rounds and having strange issue. every time when i want to fire i have to press the trigger twice means, when i press the trigger first time nothing happen, on 2nd attempt it fires. i have to repeat same procedure on every fire ...... plz help
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    Are you fully releasing the trigger each time?
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    yes i think so and even with empty chamber just load the gun(bolt) and fire same things happens, after every load i have to press the trigger 2 times. at first time trigger very light and free to move while at 2nd one it became hard and looks f9.
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    It still doesn't sound like the trigger is fully resetting each time it's pulled. Sounds like it's resetting on the 2nd pull but not the first. I can't recommend you dry-fire it to test, not sure if it'll hurt the gun... I don't like to dry-fire any of my guns. But if you DO, to test it, of course make sure it's not loaded!

    Can you remove the trigger group and make sure it's all oiled well, and try again? Blow it out with some good CLP spray cleaner. Also, push the safety off and on several times, firmly in each direction.

    I'm just guessing here, repeating what others have said. Is the gun new? Either way, you may need to send it back to Browning.
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    I'm curious why you don't like gun grease. I have used a quality gun grease in the actions of most of my firearms, most of my life. It's superior to oil in that it stays there longer. I suppose it can get gummed up if overused and it gets very cold, but I always rub it into the steel and slide grooves, wiping excess. Sometimes i add oil over it as wlll. Currently I'm using Hoppe's white colored gun grease on the Maxus Sporting with no issue.
  11. Speaking of gun grease....some of you guys mentioned FrogLube which comes in liquid and paste. Being a sucker for the latest, greatest in accessories, I just bought both. I'm getting quite a collection of various lubes and solvents. I just read this on Froglube's web site:

    "Will FrogLube remove petroleum products, oils and grease?"

    "Yes. FrogLube dissolves carbon and petro-chemicals on contact. You should discontinue use of petroleum or other petrochemicals as it will conflict with the optimal performance of FrogLube."

    Somehow I have a problem giving up those good old fossil lubes. You guys who mentioned FrogLube, have you gone the whole 9 yards and stopped using oil based lubes? I was hoping to use it along with what I already had but may have wasted my money.
  12. Brink

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    I don't like grease as I had problems in the past on a Beretta and a Benelli shotgun.

    The issue I had with the Beretta is that the grease I used to put in the fore-end cap and around where it fits to the fore-end on a rainy day it ended up in the cartridges magazine and when I fired the 2nd or the 3rd shot the cartridges were being pulled out of the magazine only partially. When I opened the magazine I found that the grease due to the water had ended up in the magazine and accumulated around the small metal part which pulls the cartridge outside the magazine.

    On the Benelli the grease did much worst, it ended up in the spring which is fitted in the stock. If I manually opened the firing bolt the gun would shoot without a problem but if for example I fired one shot and loaded another one in the magazine, this time when I tried to shoot the 1st shot I would just get a click and no bang. When I took the shotgun to a gunsmith as I do not like to remove the stock of my shotguns , he found out that once again due to water the grease ended up in the spring and it was blocking the spring from moving properly.

    I used to use Gun Grease made by a British company called Bisley. Once the grease was removed from the parts, both shotguns functioned perfectly.
  13. A word of caution....... I just screwed the pooch on my trigger. I was cleaning the maple Maxus and sprayed the trigger group with CLP, compressed air and was wiping off the excess when I noticed there was no trigger spring! I had done this out the side door of my garage many times before with the Benelli's and walnut Maxus. Unfortunately I did this over gravel. As my wife and I looked for the spring, her eagle eyes found the rear trigger guard bushing which I didn't notice was missing. Well I just learned that the bushing holds the upper part of the trigger (spring's attachment) forward which maintains the spring's tension. With the bushing gone, the upper part of the trigger attachment moved rearward, put slack into the spring and it fell off. I'll keep looking but doubt I'll ever find it. At $6.55 each, I'll get 2 in case it ever happens again but I'll take better precautions next time. I didn't think there was anything that would fall off.
  14. A follow up
    I called Browning parts and was told the spring is restricted and can't be bought. I called service and asked if I could just send the trigger in, but he said I must send the entire gun in so they can test fire it. I guess they are just CTA. But then I'm thinking what difference could there be in the Numrich spring so I called them and was told that they get the spring direct from Browning. I guess I'll just wait for the spring to come in the mail.
    The Browning tech said that the trigger guard bushing should not have fallen out but both of those move fairly easily in their holes on both guns.
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    Been thinking about a maxus sporting clays seems like it may be a good gun. I have a XT combo and a set of Brileys chokes so they will all fit.Have been shooting mostly trap and have been thinking about getting into SC ,have shot SC a couple of times and find it challenging and FUN ,One of the guys let me shoot a 391,also 400,and a maxus SC really liked the Maxus fit me well and the low recoil felt good.
    How does it compare to the Gold or Silver. Thanks
  16. I would think the Maxus to be the latest and greatest improvement upon the Gold line. I have never shot the Gold or Silver but I think one big difference is the recoil pad. ... asp?id=106

    I don't know if it's the way I'm built, the way I shoot or what, but every shot gun I have ever fired gives me some degree of cheek slap. Some worse than others. My Benelli Legacy Sport, even though I tried every adjustment possible, still gives me some cheek slap. Even with a thick pad on the comb, my cheek gets a work out. But with the Maxus I can shoot 5 boxes and have absolutely no discomfort in the cheek or shoulder. It's a great gun and now I rarely use the Benelli

    I have shot the 391 and 400. They were easy on the shoulder but gave me some cheek slap. People like them, especially the 400, because it's easy to clean like the Maxus. I know several skeet tournament shooters who use the 391 for 12 gauge events because it's easy on the recoil, but it's time consuming to clean thoroughly. If you have read this whole blog, I think the trigger problems some of us have experienced may be related to break in or just keeping the trigger clean and properly lubed. In the past 3 month's I haven't had a single problem and I shoot skeet 3 times a week, usually at least 4 rounds each time. I like the Maxus so much I bought 2 and have no need for another 12 gauge. Buy it, you won't regret it.
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    I've got 880 rounds through my Maxus Sporting since January without one malfunction. I really enjoy shooting it.
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    Is it correct that dry fire the Maxus would will result in damaging the firing pin ? or somehow the bolt ?
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  19. Trigger malfunction on the Browning Maxus are very common ! Unfortunately I have purchased to brand new ones 5 years apart and the identical issue on both with the trigger malfunctions ! Come on Browning Arms ! The more people I have spoke 2 about this the more I have come to realize this has been an on going issue for years

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