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    My Browning HP collection began about 1956 as a young college student. I don't recall exactly where the first one came from but it was a wartime bring-back I'm sure. The finish was a bit rough but it had tangent sights and was cut for a should stock. In those days our range was a buddy's parents huge farm and the shooting ranges were almost unlimited although our pistol shooting was usually within 25 yds. I think I fell in love with the double stack mag and the great sights. Years later when my issue Army weapon was a rattling Remington M1911A1 I never could hit anything with it. Some years later while I was still a bachelor, then serving in Korea all my guns, including a couple HPs, were stolen from my parent's home.
    After retirement a bought HPs at gun shows and more recently on-line but I have yet to replace that beautiful old wartime model. Today I'm anything but a serious collector as I buy what I like. So far I have about a half dozen HPs, another half dozen Colt M1911s, a couple SIG carry pieces as well as a few others.
    Speaking of that it was just a few days ago that I purchased an HP different than any I have ever seen. I might not have given it a 2nd look except it was in very nice condition yet a bit strange - the slide was blued and the frame was plated (nickel or chromium??). It was Belgian built in 1961 The bore was perfect and the wood checkered grips were unblemished. Oh, the other very strange thing about this HP it has the strongest slide spring I've ever encountered and it was all I could do to field strip it. I can't wait to fire it to see if it will load the 2nd round. It also carries import marks from Sarco Stirling, NJ. Has anyone seen these on the market?
    It's great to be on a Browning Forum - maybe I'll learn more about these great handguns. Ed Gaulin (1st Cav RVN; XVIII Corps Cuba - almost).
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    Interesting story, Ed. Welcome to the forum!

    In one of his videos, Art, of Art’s Gun Shop, said if you ordered a nickel plated gun from Browning, it came blued. Then the ‘smiths (of which he was one) at the facility in Arnold, MO would plate it there. The customer thought it was “factory” and in a way it was. This wouldn’t apply to a gun imported by Sarco, but it is likely the plated frame wasn’t done by FN.

    Looking forward to the pictures.

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