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  1. I've been a Browning guy for quite some time. I've owned my Grade VI Citori since 1989 and have had 0 issues with it until recently. The stock broke on the cheek side. I ended up sending the stock to Browning for a repair quote. They wanted the whole gun, so after shipping the barrels, it took 2 months to get the quote. Then, the repair would take 5 MONTHS to complete. They also wanted to overhaul the whole gun and after finding out that my second barrel set would most likely not fit, I told them just fix the wood. I contacted the head of customer service and was told things take time but she would see what she could do with no promises. After a few more weeks of waiting and not hearing anything, I decided to just have them send it back and I would do the repair myself. I emailed them again and told them to issue a refund, as I paid in full, and send it back. 10 Days went by and still no tracking number. I emailed them again and the customer service person apologised and said the gun would get on the truck that day. It's been 4 more days and still no tracking number. I have been told by friends that Beretta has a 4 day turn around on repairs. If Browning is so backed up and busy, why don't they hire more people to get things done faster? I must say I am VERY disappointed with them and I will never send anything back to them for repair. So, in the meantime, I'm stuck with no gun for all my club shoots and still waiting. :( :( :(
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    Here's a pic of the stock.
    I will post pictures when it's repaired.
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    I can only imagine how disappointed you must be with Browning right now and I couldn't agree more with your frustration. The worst part is that you have been with your Browning for so long and that it still isn't fixed. Keep us updated if you hear anything else from Browning; maybe they will pull through and do something to try and rectify the situation. So are you going to repair the stock yourself then?
  4. It finally came today. So I set off to the basement and took it apart. The cheek came right off in my hand. All the time I was without it, I went over in my head how I was going to do the repair. I had it glued up in 10 minutes. I had planed to use tite bond II, but it didn't hold. So I ended up using cyanoacrylate. I used the receiver and the stock bolt to hold it together until it dried. I already have the first coat of oil on it and it looks great. I'll get some pics soon.

    P.S. Browning really didn't seem to care that they didn't fix it. They just said, OK, we'll send it back.
  5. Here are the repair pics. The cheek was broken completely off. See the last pic for the side with the repair. Two coats of oil so far.

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    Wow looks like it came out great!!
  7. Thanks! I got another coat of oil on it and got it all put together this morning and went out and shot 100 rds and it held up just fine. Not only that, I shot a 26yd trap game with my trap barrels and won a couple of bucks too.
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    Hey Hslag, Welcome to the Browning Owners Community!! Great customer services goes along way.
  10. Wow. Much different experience than mine. I will not be purchasing anything else Browning again. When the customer service rep informed me that the Browning product cannot be expected to stand up to the same treatment that any other gun can withstand without breaking I decided that I need to also divest myself of my Browning rifles. I cannot express my disappointment and frustration with this company.
  11. I Just spoke with CS today- My $1200.00 rifle came with 2 out of 4 stripped mounting holes on the receiver for the optics mount. CS states they will " look at it".. I have to ship it and pay up the shipping cost which is 71.00 US mail. What a slap in the face..haven't even fired it yet.. wow.
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    Thought you were going to take it to a gunsmith coltchester....well, good luck and let us know how you make out !!
  13. 1 week in.. No response yet from browning.
  14. It seems that some things never change. Like truly lousy and non existent customer service. I can't even get through to them, either by phone or email.
  15. WELL - I was pleasantly surprised today when I received an email from Browning with a return label and the form to fill out. It took me a while to do the writeup and get the target pictures printed that I wanted to include, and the box wasn't ready until after the UPS truck had already been for the day's pickup at our local "on its way" UPS place.

    Tomorrow is Thursday. Since it is 2nd day air I'm waiting until Monday to take it and drop it off at the shipping store so it doesn't get stuck in transit over the weekend. I have HOPES that Browning will fix either the front or rear sight for me! I might take a few weeks but I wanted to update my above negative comment. The email reply was very slow but it did come!
  16. Final update, I think: Browning sent a notice to me on Nov 8th that they had received the gun. I knew they had because the tracking number told me it had been delivered 3 days before then. It sat at Browning for a few weeks before a gunsmith started to "recalibrate the barrel" whatever that means.

    I received it back on Dec 12th and it now shoots to the point of aim. I took it to the range and it was super cold and windy so only shot 2 magazines through it, but all the holes were right in the little black bullseye of a 50 yard rifle target paper. I was shooting a little closer than I had before and that was also due to the weather - probably was around 4 yards from the target rather than the 7 yards which is my standard shooting distance for starters.

    It still has that crappy trigger, but Browning did what was needed considering that I wrote it was shooting high and needed to be fixed. They didn't touch the sites at all - just the barrel. At least I now have a gun I can shoot and know that if the shots are way off it is shooter error!

    Not the fastest customer service (like Ruger, S&W and Glock), but certainly not the worst from things I've read about other manufacturers.

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