Browning BT-99 Shotgun Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Browning BT-99 Shotgun' started by Billythekid, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Here is the place to talk about any and all Troubleshooting for your Browning BT-99 Shotgun.
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    BT99 will not eject after live firing but will eject when dry firing on an empty shell How do I fix this?
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    My BT-99 Plus was purchased new in 1994. It has just over 12,000 rounds through it. It's been pampered and looks like the day it came out of the box. It's gets cleaned and lubed after every trap shooting session. About 2,000 rounds ago, every once and a while, (say once every other round of 25), after I shot the target and opened the breech to eject the empty hull, the gun would fall open easily, and only extract the empty. Not eject it. The gun is somehow cocking itself from recoil.

    It behaves the same as if you open the action, place a live round into the chamber, close it, then reopen the action. It opens very easy, and just lifts the loaded round slightly. Because it's already been cocked from when it was opened the first time. Except the gun was fired and somehow recocked itself "automatically". It's not a problem or a danger. It's just a bit unusual. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this with their BT-99?

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