1. Outrider

    Outrider Copper BB

    I recently purchased a new Browning BAR in .308 and I am having a heck of a time getting the rifle to group decently. I have tried several different brands of ammunition but nothing seems to group very well. My Browning Bolt rifles all shoot close to or under 1 MOA including 2 XBolts and an ABolt. I would like the Bar to shoot as well but understand the limits of an autoloader. Truth is I can't get the rifle to shoot inside 10 inches. Any recomendations?
  2. BLR Dude

    BLR Dude Copper BB

    Hello Outrider, This is an old post but being a new member and looking at purchasing a new X-bolt or BAR in 300 mag. How did your accuracy issue turn out? Was it a break in issue? It took me a while to get my 270 to group some time ago. Then after a couple of more cleanings and outings, it magically started acting like a gem.
  3. Planetcat

    Planetcat .410

    Hey, i bought my bar shortrac .308 about six months ago. Believe it or not, it shoots 180 grain factory ammo really well. I get about 1" groups at 100 yards with federal blue box soft points. Also good accuracy from hornady interbonds, federal fusions, and core lokts. Mediocre but good enough for hunting with the barnes copper, and sierra game kings and match kings. Ok with 165 grain ammo. I dont shoot 150's. Also, spent a fair amount of effort breaking in the barrel. Shot 20 shots, cleaning and cooling between each one. Then shot the heck out of it after that. Not sure if it made a difference, but it sure didnt hurt.
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  4. Butch’s bore shine - follow directions to the letter. Some years back i used a “bore snake” at the end of deer season on 3 rifles - the following season when i went to verify the scopes were on all 3 rifles were all over the paper. As soon as the barrels were cleaned the accuracy returned. The gunsmith i used at the time told me stay away from “snakes” and clean your weapons like you should so I've been doing that ever since. Also had a rifle that wouldn't dial in like i wanted so i used a set of bullets that i had to load - basically a bore polishing process. Cant remember the name of the kit but it came from Brownells i think and it made a big improvement

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