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    Here is the place to talk about any and all accessories for your Browning A-Bolt Rifle.
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    I purchased a used A Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag and the seller told me it had a BOSS muzzle brake. I got a good enough price so that it doesn't matter that I didn't check, but attached is a pic of what is on it. Can anyone help ID it and verify that, if I did buy a BOSS CR (I don't really want the brake) that it would thread on to the barrel. In other words, do the threads here look like the threads on a BOSS capable barrel?

    According to the serial number the gun is a 1994 - Composite Stalker - A Bolt II - I believe the first year they made the II and the BOSS system.


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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum fyrproof1 !!

    Sorry, I can't help you with that question, but stand by...someone will have a notion here.
  4. fyrproof1

    fyrproof1 Copper BB is a second pic in case someone needs a rough measurement.

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    thanks for the info Fyrproof, i am sure your not the only person with that question.
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    I know Kane who used to make gun chaps went out of business. So I was wondering if anyone else made a gun chap or something similar. I want to keep my wood stock looking as new as it does now. Thanks

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