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    If you have ever viewed any of many high speed videos of guns being fired, you will see that all bullets and most of the gases always exit the barrel long before any part of the barrel or frame even begin to move. So, I think that something else is going on.
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  3. My one month old 1911-22 also shoots high. We're talking 3" high at 7 or 8 yards. Unfortunately I allowed the guys at the store to talk me into ordering the more expensive gray slide model with the fiber optic sights and it is impossible to cut down the rear sight without cutting into the fiber optic tube. I was at the range AGAIN today and found that if I use a "rather interesting" sight picture, with the top of the front sight 1.5mm below the top of the rear sight, the gun will shoot "the way I shoot" which is 10 shots in a 1" x 1 1'2" group at 5 yards - exactly centered on the point of aim.

    Having to position the sight picture like that precludes any fairly rapid shooting. Therefore, I still want a lower rear sight. I know the fiber optic dots won't line up if I get a lower sight but I pretty much ignore the dots anyway - and that makes me furious with myself for letting them talk me into the fiber optic ones!

    Have tried to contact Browning but their phone is either busy or "we are having problems", and the person in customer service knew only one thing and that was to tell me to keep phoning the parts/repair department. AND I sent an email and received no response at all. Nada.

    I'm liking this gun in many ways, but if I can get fatter grips and the right height rear sight I would perhaps like it in a lot more ways.
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  4. Yes, mine too (shoots 3" high). Wish there was a taller front sight available, but alas...there is nothing to be had from Browning or the aftermarket.

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  5. Over a week since I send the email to Browning Customer Service and I had given up hope. However, I was pleasantly surprised today when I received an email from Browning with a return label and the form to fill out. It took me a while to do the writeup and get the target pictures printed that I wanted to include, and the box wasn't ready until after the UPS truck had already been for the day's pickup at our local "on its way" UPS place.

    I sent target pictures of the Browning and also the same kinds of ammo shot through my Ruger Mark IV Lite. There is a very large difference in where the center of the grouping is between the two guns! (I tend to shoot the Mark IV low, but that sight is adjustable.)

    Tomorrow is Thursday. Since the return is 2nd day air I'm waiting until Monday to take it and drop it off at the shipping store so it doesn't get stuck in transit over the weekend. I have HOPES that Browning will fix either the front or rear sight for me! I might take a few weeks but I wanted to update my above negative comment. The email reply was very slow but it did come!

    I will update in however long it takes to find out if they are actually going to fix it or just charge me $30 for inspecting the gun and returning it.....which they specify they will do on their form that you fill out when you return a gun.

    UPDATE: Browning "recalibrated" the barrel, whatever that means and the gun now shoots to point of aim instead of way high. That makes me feel much better about spending all that money. They did not move the rear sight which hubby had moved way to the left, but with the rear sight that far off center, the guns shoots to center, so I'm not complaining about that.

    Turn around time from when I got the return label to when I received my gun back was about one month.
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  6. A shorter rear sight would work also. Even if the dots or the fiber optic inserts weren't lined up, at least the top of the sights could be lined up straight across. And I see that yours is centered. My husband had to move my rear sight quite a bit to the left to get mine centered. That was a major challenge.

    EDIT: See above post from me for details about returning the gun to Browning and them making it shoot to point of aim at 7 yards now. The 7 yards is my choice for a small gun like that.
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    First post as I recently picked up a lightly used 1911-380. First thing I di was to replace the black grips with Browning rosewood ones. Also replaced the plastic guide rod and recoil spring plug with ss ones. Got those from ZR Tactical Solutions. They are working on a ss barrel bushing next. Both are a lot better than the plastic ones. So far no issues with them.
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    Where could I buy a set of grips with the gold buck inlay as on the medallion model .380
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    I tried one and found it didn’t fit well at all. Did you have to modify anything?
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    Anyone seen any paddle holsters specifically for the Browning 1911-380 black label 4” no rail?
  11. Wright Leatherworks makes one or more models for the 1911-22 or 380. I have no idea about the quality of their holsters, but from what I saw on line it looks like they are "semi molded" to the gun. Better than one of those soft leather things that has no retention whatsoever!

    They do make a paddle holster, as well as "the usual" other styles
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