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Discussion in 'Browning 1911-22 Handgun' started by Thor, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Thor

    Thor Copper BB

    Well, I have had my 1911-22 for about a month now and love the little pistol.
    The only thing I truely did not like was the magazine disconnect. I understand why Browning put it in there, but I truely dislike these in my pistols, and unfortunately, this little pistol is having to serve as my carry pistol for awhile. I broke over 15 bones in a motorcycle accident on July 3, 2012, to include two compound fractures in my left arm, the little and ring finger of my left hand, my right wrist, right thumb, right trigger finger, compound fracture of my right clavicle, my left femur, and 7 ribs. Lot's of metal plates, screws, and rods later, I'm shooting again, but let's just say I am a bit "recoil sensitive" right now.
    So, having to serve as a concealed carry pistol, that magazine disconnect bothered me. The nice thing is, it is very easy to get rid of it.
    I don't recommend this if you are not familiar with complete disassembly of 1911 style pistols. If you are, you will notice a post on the back of the trigger when you remove it. This post lines up with another small post on the magazine release. When the magazine is removed, the magazine release moves further to the left of the pistol (watch the release button when you remove the magazine and you can see this). When this happens, the post on the back of the trigger aligns with the post on the magazine release, thus preventing the trigger from moving rearward. Removing one of these posts will then allow the trigger to move rearward without a magazine being inserted. I removed the post from the rear of the trigger (very carefully) with a Dremel tool. I left the post on the magazine release as only one of these two posts needs to be removed.

    Anyway, since I had searched the net and didn't find anything regarding removing this "CA feature" on this pistol, I thought I would post it here.
  2. Billythekid

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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Community Thor!!! thanks for the write up, i am sure this will be useful for a lot of 1911 owners out there. sorry to hear about the motorcycle accident, sounds like your on track for a healthy recovery. best of luck and get well soon.

  3. Thor

    Thor Copper BB

    Thanks Billy!
    I would have taken pictures of the process, but one of my friends currently has my camera as he was helping me sell my other motorcycle as after 24 years of riding, I'm now giving it up permanently for crumple zones and airbags. Once I get the camera back I'll post some pictures so people can see how it is done.
    The only other modification I made to the pistol was to paint the front and rear sights with GloNation glow-in-the-dark paint. Just a temporary mod until I get some tritium's put on it (I have some plain tritium vials coming in the mail that I plan to attach to the pistol, though I'm not sure if I will have slots machined into the sights for these to be glued into yet or not). It seems the older I get, the smaller pistol sites become, in this little pistol has some tiny sights.
  4. dondone

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    What really annoys me about the mag disconnect is the fact that there is nothing in the manual about it. I called Browning this morning thinking I had a defective pistol.

    Thor: Could you, by any chance, tell me if there is a trick to undoing the retainer for the magazine release button? When I apply pressure with a screw driver, I can't seem to find the slot for the little tab to go into. (I am well versed with full size 1911s.)
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  5. SHOOTER13

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    You would think that critical safety feature would be included in the owners manual...

    I own a few 1911's ( Colt GCNM, Para Ordnance P12-45, Auto Ordnance PKZSE )...and none of them have a magazine disconnect.

    Like it just the way JMB designed the platform...
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  6. dondone

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    "I own a few 1911's ( Colt GCNM, Para Ordnance P12-45, Auto Ordnance PKZSE )...and none of them have a magazine disconnect."

    No they don't, as they were never dessigned that way. Whomever designed the Browning 1911-22 figured out a way to allow the mag release button to travel far enough to block the trigger when the mag is removed (see Thor's description). I just wish they would have specifically mentioned that in the manual, instead of a vague and ambiguous statement that the mag has to be inserted to lower the hammer.

    I still can't get the mag release locking stud to turn as I can't locate the slot in which the tab turns into.
  7. Torqueguy

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    Thor, just signed up to this forum to say thanks! I hope you fractures are healed and if you're ever anywhere within one state of Virginia, I'd like to buy you dinner.

    Thanks again
  8. dondone

    dondone Copper BB

    Finally got the mag release out; The trick is that it has to be depressed as far as possible (almost forcibly) to line up the slot to turn the spring guide out. As far as the mag disconnect is concerned, until I can get a spare part for the pistol, I am leaving it alone. I did get the latch portion smoothed out, though, so the mags now slide in and lock without hanging up.

    Although I am not a big fan of mag disconnects, I can see where it might be a positive feature if you were using the Browning to train a young kid to shoot; Kids, no matter how hard you drum safety into their skulls, sometimes forget, and the mag disconnect could potentially prevent a tragedy.

    Once I got the mag disconenct mystery solved and smoothed out the mag catch, I have to say I am pleased as punch with this little guy. The only thing that could make it better would be if it were all steel.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Torqueguy !!

    Enjoy the forum...
  10. gbehrman

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  11. gbehrman

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    Amen to that I got the disconnect out and I think the trigger pull is better
  12. Tim Lange

    Tim Lange .22LR

    The 1911-380 also has the magazine disconnect safety.

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