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Discussion in 'Browning BPS Shotgun' started by HAM, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. HAM

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    I have a 1992 Pigeon Grade BPS needing a new recoil pad that measures 4 13/16" x 1 11/16" and 1 inch thick. The holes are 3 1/4" inch. I cannot find a pad template that will match. I called Browning and was told that I would have to buy a "grind to fit" pad. Anyone know of a good pad? Thanks.
  2. win7stw

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  3. HAM

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    Thanks for the tip, I will look at them.
  4. win7stw

    win7stw .270 WIN

  5. gnappi

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    I'm looking at replacing my Ultra XT pad which has a pachmayr 752b and it should fit. Templates are online with dimensions.

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