BLR trigger work

Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by mallardhunter, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. mallardhunter

    mallardhunter Copper BB

    I got my gun back from Neil Jones customs. I can say without a doubt if you are unhappy with your trigger send it to Neil he does a really good job and has fast service. My trigger now breaks at 3.5 lbs. And is very crisp.
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  2. cavmedic

    cavmedic .410

    I got mine done with him too. It gets even better with a bit of time and working in. Mine is probably a good 3lbs now (starting at about 3.5 when I got it back from him).

    If you’re thinking about doing it, go for it. The man is getting old and sounds like a 2 pack a day smoker lol. Get it don’t while you can!
  3. mallardhunter

    mallardhunter Copper BB

    Haven't measured mine yet I know it is a lot better than it was.

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