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Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by cavmedic, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. cavmedic

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    So I was wandering the web looking for BLR articles and offers and i came across an old Wild West guns offer. It offered a takedown BLR in 300win mag, all tuned up, and they had an extra barrel in 375 Ruger or 416 Ruger.

    I have a 308 and was wondering if this could be done in 243 and 358 with my 308 action? Boyd’s can make a takedown forearm on gray laminate for me and the barrel could be done by Wild West guns. What do you guys think? That would seem like an entire hunting system in one rifle.

    Also, could it be done with 300 wsm out of the 308? I wasn’t sure if the actions were compatible.

    Seems like the biggest issue would be that I would need to send my action in so they could match the bolt lugs to the barrel extensions they were making. In theory I think they could do it.
  2. Norske

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    A BLR doesn't weigh enough for those Ruger rounds. Either of them should have a 10# rifle to slow recoil enough to "roll with the punch". Your idea of 308W based rounds is a good one. Maybe you can just order the front half of a takedown BLR in the different calibers?
  3. cavmedic

    cavmedic .410

    I have asked Browning for them before. They said that it would be unsafe to do that and would not sell me barrels. Hey didn’t say what but lots of gunsmiths say they don’t see why it won’t work.

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