Best BLR for rebarrel to 358 win

Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by bmeagle, Jul 25, 2017.

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    Just some quick background, in South Africa new BLRs aren't available currently, there isn't sufficient local demand, the only way is to have one specially imported from the USA, nearly doubling the price.
    Sometimes a used comes onto the market, like now. For the past couple of years since I've been looking for one, I know of 2 in 308 and this year 2 in 243.

    I want one in 358 win so a rebored or rebarrel is probably my only option.
    358 will compliment my R92 in 357 mag nicely.

    From what I have read is that a model 81 with a steel receiver is the best option to rebarrel? Am I right?

    Here is a photo of one I'm currently interested in, I'm waiting for some feedback from the dealer on the receiver or year of manufacture :
    Hopefully I can visit the dealer with a magnet over the weekend and hopefully it's still available!
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    It's hard for me to say, since I've no idea what gunsmiths in South Africa will work on. What I can tell you is that there are 'smiths in the States that can and will re-barrel the old steel-receiver BLRs. I _think_ Wild West Guns in Alaska will re-barrel the newer aluminum-receiver guns. That said, I visited the newer WWG location in Nevada (Las Vegas) two winters ago, and they would not re-barrel mine.

    The take-down models _should_ be super easy to re-barrel, but I say that only as an observer, not one who has done it or had it done. :)

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