Barrel band removal and accuracy

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  1. stu

    stu Copper BB

    I have recently removed the barrel band and free floated the barrel on my new BLR .308. Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence that removal of the barrel band improves the accuracy of the rifle? Also, with just the one screw holding the hand guard on, would it be OK to still use the sling attachment forward of that screw to carry the rifle?
  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    Well, it’s been a month. I guess no one else has tried it. But I’m guessing you did, how did it work?
  3. stu

    stu Copper BB

    Just put a new scope on it, waiting to get some reloads made then take it to the range and try again... Used a box of Hornady 120Gn last time, but had mixed results, could have been the faulty scope. I guess the factory has put the barrel band on for a reason... maybe don't mess with it if its working, but then thats just me , always curious!
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