Auto 5 help in date of Manufacture please

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    Hello there,

    New to this forum, and a new Auto 5 owner.

    I have an FN Browning that I am trying to get some info on. By my research, I believe this Auto 5 was manufactured 1957ish. The serial # falls outside of the date range for that year. It has the auto load feature, which I believe was started in 1958. The barrel has the same serial #

    Hopefully one of you fine gentlemen will be able to give me some insight.

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    I like 1957ish. FN records show that SN 463700 was shipped on 6/30/57, but the next shipping log, #16, is missing. Shipping log #17 begins with 60/18701 which was FN’s new system of year/number. It’s important to understand that these are not Browning Arms Company imports. Browning started using a different system in 1953, and most references will point to the US market. I believe Browning started serving the Canadian market in 1959 as that’s when “Montreal P.Q.” started to appear on the barrels. So prior to 1959 you Canadians were on the original sequential numbering system, and maybe on FN’s new system after ‘57. Look for the date code on the barrel to date your gun more precisely.

    Last, Speed Load appeared in late 1953.
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    Awesome...thanks for the info.
    I took a pic of the barrel stamping....there are quite a lot.

    Looks like 57 is date of manufacture????

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    Oh wow....thanks for the extra resource.
    Pretty cool going down the Auto 5 rabbit hole. Never really thought I wanted one....until I
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