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Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by Auzzie, Apr 24, 2022.

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    I too would like to see this all go down. I say give it a whirl. Would be very interesting to learn something new. Not sure I have the patience but who knows. There is also a new section that you can post your projects in. Sure wish we were are neighbors.
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    Thanks. I appreciate the encouragement. So far, it appears I have more determination than patience or know-how. I completed a box but am waiting for 2 custom router bits to arrive (which should be here within the next 7-10 days). So, all I've been able to do (on the first 'case') is make templates for drill patterns on stitch layouts. I made a mock-up of the reinforced hinge detail, cut a piece of Tolex for the lid and have glued and formed the hinge flap. The case (bottom portion) is pre-drilled for the hinge stitching.

    Once I route the profile on the lid rails (I did the profile for base walls on the table saw - just to get 'going'), then I can radius the exterior corners and start covering both halves of the case with Tolex. It'll take some time and patience to get all the cuts, tucks, & laps fitted around the radiused portions.

    While I wait for router bits, I'll be running some 'negative' profiles to clamp in place on the lid portion, to keep the fabric tight against the lip until it dries. After covering the lid, I'll use it as the form to hold the fabric in place on the bottom portion's mating surfaces.

    Still Thinking and planning 5 moves ahead.
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    Sound like your making progress. Hope your keeping some images and few sketches with dimensions etc to put in the workshop project section. Think there is few of us like to give it a go.
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    Where are the pictures?
  5. Anatidae

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    I should’ve just acknowledged the support without providing an update - which now seems like (in retrospect) ‘taunting’.

    My apologies.
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    No apology needed. This is pretty interesting stuff, and I'm a hands-on kind of guy, so the pictures.... well, you know are worth 1000 words.
  7. Anatidae

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    I'm not likely to post any photos that would provide much 'detail', and certainly not anything with dimensions - I've invested too much to just 'give' it away (despite being helpful by nature). It is also a work in progress - so I am careful not to doom myself (or anyone else) to failure.

    But as punishment for 'taunting' - here are a few photos evident that I AM giving it the ole' college 'whirl' and to support my previous comments.

    Again, Thanks for the interest and support. My computer issues cost too much time to organize, re-size, upload, and share photos - So, this is 'it' for now. I need to get-on installing a 4-tube fixture over the table saw while it's not 104 degrees today. I finally improved my workshop layout and installed some under-cabinet lighting which has already paid big dividends.


    hinge reinforcing membrane

    hinge (and reinforcing membrane) 'glued' - in clamps

    template for layout - handle brackets, handle cove trim (to be hand-stitched), and center hasp rivets
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    Very professional looking set up. I can promise you my request for pictures was not to steal trade secrets. More along the lines of just seeing the process that you take and the finished product to put it nicely. I like to think that the normal group here is all about sharing their projects and experiences, but that's just me. Hope your journey works out and you achieve your desired results.
  9. Anatidae

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    Thanks - I appreciate the well-wishes. I’ll share photos of parts of the process and hopefully, a finished product to my own quality standard, one day.

    I can’t devote ‘full-time’ effort toward this project due to the normal daily/weekly chores so progress will seem very slow on the first case. Still a lot of unknowns and more purchases ahead - i.e., metal plating equipment and a sewing machine. I’m taking all that in sequence. First things first - the router bits are needed before any tangible progress can be pursued or realized - then, to the next phase.

    Cheers to all.
  10. win7stw

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    I can't wait until you get this done. Put me in line for a case when you want to start making some money
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  11. Anatidae

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    I certainly appreciate your continued interest. I'll try to turn out and share a finished case, as quickly as my learning curve dictates. Cheers!
  12. Auzzie

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    Looks very impressive so far. Can’t wait to see the end results down the track.
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    Dang! From what I can see in the pictures you know what you are doing. If that was my project you wouldn’t even be able to see the work bench and I’d have ratchet straps and bailing wire holding that baby together.

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    I hear you. My work bench (and the ‘shop/storage’ area) was a disaster prior to this endeavor. I could sharpen a chain saw blade or re-spool a weed eater, or rig decoys but otherwise it was embarrassing. The prospect of building a case inspired and motivated me to spend a week creating a different environment to work in. I’m much happier with the new ‘functional’ space - and even using some of my Dad’s old tools.

    I’m sure everyone would approach a process differently - depending on experience and equipment at your disposal. I’m retired after careers in carpentry, commercial construction, music, and architecture. Architecture focuses on a process of design - which is basically sequential solutions to various problems or constraints. So, that has benefited me even though I tend to be detailed and methodical to a fault - but that’s just the way some people are (or choose to be) ‘wired’
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    I appreciate that - No harm done. And as a few here know (or can relate with) - once I assess who is 'normal' (trustworthy) I'm much more inclined to share with them, (in private). It's everybody I don't know, or those who care less how they acquire what they want by any means, that keep me fairly guarded.

    Case in point - have you ever really studied wood, finishes, and checkering? It's amazing some of the crap out there, actually sells. It taints the few original and authentic examples you can't get a decent price for, right? I don't want to be 'that guy'.

    So, as with restoration (in its apparent variety of interpretations or 'meaning')......If I were to build replica cases to 'market' AS replica cases, my target market wouldn't be those who don't know what the original standard was - I'd be targeting those who do.
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  16. Biz

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    It would be interesting to start a thread about the meaning of restoration. Many people don’t see the difference between, restoration and renovation or refurbish
  17. Anatidae

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    Sadly, this is true.
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  18. Auzzie

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    Yes be good post. To add you also now have term “preservation “ appearing.
  19. Anatidae

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    As long as we know the difference - then that’s what matters. The rest will have to learn from their own experiences. I doubt we can alter reality - only learn from our own shortcomings and disappointments. Good instincts are the product of a series of poor assessments and decisions - in retrospect. If I listed who I’ve dealt with (and their transgressions), people would either think I have unrealistic expectations or I am arrogant for suggesting that things may not be as they ‘seem’, to those who may not ‘know’. While it irritates us to suspect that good people may be mislead, it is neither of my doing, nor my responsibility.
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    You only have to look at real estate to see the vast interpretations of “Restored” “Renovated “Restoration” “Rebuilt to former glory” or now “ Preserved classic”.

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