Anyone else have this book?

Discussion in 'The Past, Present And Future Of Browning' started by skitter_pop, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Found a cool book today on Superposed [​IMG]
  2. SHOOTER13

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    No sir, I don't.

    Give us a quick review when you are finished reading it...
  3. I got it for dad for Christmas. Looked it up online after buying it for $50 and it seems people are asking $250-$400 and up for it. Not that I (or he)would want to sell it.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Good deal !!
  5. rawright

    rawright .22LR

  6. SHOOTER13

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    John Moses Browning that's some interesting reading !!
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  7. rawright

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    It is an excellent read, Shooter13, and I highly recommend it! I found it at Sam's Club for somewhat less than retail, but it's well worth the full price if that's all you can find.:D
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    Funny you should say Sam's Club...just unloaded the wife's car... she was at Sam's Club buying our paper goods for the next three months.
  9. Don Warner

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    Schwing's book on the Superposed contains everything you ever wanted to know, plus a bunch of stuff you can't even imagine. I wonder how many years of research went into the book?
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Don !!

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    Enjoy the forum !!
  11. Rob poston

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    Have it? No. Want it? ABSOLUTELY! Problem is that all the copies that I have found have been several hundred dollars.
  12. SuperX

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    Great Browning Book as the Superposed was the definitive O/U here in America. Great reading uncovering the mystery of the "Salt Wood Era" for Browning Firearms. The reader will also understand the current value of the Superposed Era in America and realize the manufacturing numbers of each gauge and how it affects current pricing.
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  13. SHOOTER13

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    Great synopsis SuperX...thanks !!
  14. Hairtrigger

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    Homer C Tyler wrote a very good book on Browning 22lr rifles, great read but hard to find
  15. britbike1

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    Just looked on amazon and found only one. $400!
  16. Don Warner

    Don Warner Copper BB

    I found that eBay was most cost-effective.
    This book seems to be very limited, and except for a really lucky buy, $ 250, +/-, is right for a copy in nice condition.
  17. Anatidae

    Anatidae .410

    My wife gave me a copy of Schwing the first year it came-out - 1996. We both worked for a hunting store and got the book for $47 with our employee discount. ‘Should’ve bought several. I also wish I had saved some of the Browning catalogs and dealer price lists but as we’ve learned in the last 42 years - you can’t keep everything.

    Great book! It (along with Dick Spurzem’s wonderful examples) infected me with the passion for knowledge about the Superposed.
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