Ammo for Coyote in 308 win

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by cal44, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. cal44

    cal44 Copper BB

    What would you recommend?

    All I have now is mil surplus FMJ which seems unsuitable.

    Rifle is my BLR
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  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

  3. Norske

    Norske .410

    I once shot a coyote with a 257 Roberts, 87 gr HP. It almost cut him in half. Little hole in, almost all hole out. On the other extreme, a friend shot one with a 223 FMJ bullet and spent 2 hours tracking the wounded coyote, then finished it at 200 yards. It left a very small blood trail.
  4. cal44

    cal44 Copper BB

    I guess it's not worth asking about factory loads these days as there is practally nothing available.

    I did score a single box of 308 Hornady Black 155 gr A-MAX. Red plastic ballistic tip.

    That should work.

    I realize 308 is overkill, but where we are going you have to leave the carcus where it drops untouched.

    My only other scoped rifle is a 338 Win Mag A-Bolt and that's even more overkill.

    Wish I had a BLR in 243, but can't find any anywhere.
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  5. TomBitt

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    I load 125 gr sierra bullet behind 55 grs imr 4350, very accurate at 100 yrds from my 30.06 A Bolt, I can cover 3 rounds with a quarter. Haven't yet shot a yot but I am anxious to try it out.
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