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    New owner of a BPS Stalker combo (Shot Show special, 20" and 28" barrels). I bought the BPS to see if it would be suitable for my adult daughter because she doesn't like right-side ejection near her face (right handed but left eyed, she shoots left-handed). I realize that my experience with the BPS may be quite basic to more experienced forum users, but I thought I'd share anyway.

    I decided to add a Nordic 2-shot extension (MXT-12-BR-2 at

    That required removing the old spring and mag spring retainer, of course. I don't have a mag spring retainer in any other shotgun (3 Rem. 870's with factory extension, Rem. 1100 Tactical, Ithaca 37 Police), so that component was new to me. I tried a (cheap) spring-clip removing tool and that didn't work (bent the tool pins). So, in desperation, I resorted to RTFM. Ahah, use a screw driver it says! So I did -- and scratched the interior of the tube and slightly bent the edge of the mag to the point that the follower would not come out and shell rims were snagging.

    I fixed the burr from the scratch using a fine foam micro-mesh sanding stick (1200 grit, mesh sticks)

    For the dented mag tube, I went to Home Depot and bought a $14 brass plumb bob ( to "re-round" the mag tube opening. A couple of whacks with a small brass-faced hammer did the job (almost too much, though, I very slightly flared the mouth, but used the original mag cap to force the edge back in). The extension now fits and, to my surprise, allows 7 shells total in the mag, not the 6 I expected.

    For future use, should I restore the BPS to its original configuration, I bought a corkscrew-like tool to remove the mag spring retainer, from Brownell's ( Oh, and a new mag spring retainer, since the original one shot up into the rafters somewhere!

    Learning as I'm doing -- still.

    John Land
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    Great post. I learned from the videos put out by Art's Gun Shop to use a nail sticking out of the workbench. But I guess a special tool will work too...
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    And I smack my forehead and go look for a V8....
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