Accuracy issue with ss long range hunter x bolt in 300 mag

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    Despite trying many different loads including neck sized handloads the best I can come up with is 2 moa. Which is piss poor for such a pricy gun.

    Remington and tika both do better than that right out of the box.

    Bitching aside my next step is to either sell the gun or modify it. Upon closer inspection the problem may be with the fore grip on the synthetic stock which seems a bit tight and floppy for a free floated barrel.

    Any suggestions or advice from people with experience?

    Btw I have contacted Browning and have heard only crickets.

    Thanks for your help
  2. I used this on two different rifles and it works - also check the bore & chamber with a borescope to make sure no issues are there. Brand new rem 700 had gouges from reaming at the factory so it can happen-glad rem is out of business myself! Anyway psi on the barrel from the stock is also possible so check that too.
  3. Not sure the pic went - name of the product is Tubbs final finish - brownells or any place like that should have it available

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  4. Joe1959

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    Thanks carbine killer. I will look into this

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