A5 recoil spring identification.

Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by Bill Idaho, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Bill Idaho

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    I bought a box of A5 parts today. It had a bunch of various parts, from original 2nd and 3rd generation butt plates to a couple of early magazine caps. A whole bunch of screws, small parts, etc. Anyway........included is a healthy handful of recoil springs. All are in a bag with "new" written on the bag. I could pick out the 12 gauge ones as those all measured 9 1/8"--9 1/4"( or so). There was another healthy handful of springs which a bit more variation in length (up to 5/16" difference), and a smaller diameter. I am guessing 16/20 gauge. Can anyone tell me what the "new" length is supposed to be for a 16/20 gauge spring? And, I guess I got ahead of myself----is a 16 and a 20 gauge spring the same spring? I see them sold under the same listings, so I guessed they are one in the same.
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    Bill, I thought that I was the only one that was buying Browning auto 5 parts. I got lately, two receivers, a trigger group with all the inside parts of a receiver and finally two 3 inches magnum ventilated barrels. Unfortunately I can’t help you with the 16/20 gauge spring. When you say second generation buttplate, do you mean the first one on the pic? 74B38669-77E9-4929-8817-AB5EF2B69169.jpeg
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    The one on the left looks like a 2nd, gen, but I can't tell regarding the one on the right. It could be a 1st or 3rd. Is it bone or rubber?
    I did get a 30-something inch 12 gauge-3"mag modfied (!!) barrel in the lot. I might toss that on one of my magnum rigs (I was able to set up reliably for light loads) and try a round of sporting clays!
    And there were about three or four of each 2nd and 3rd gen plates. All of them looked REALLY good. I have been perusing through the various website hoping to find a "new" length, but so far-----zilch.
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    The right one is the 3rd generation. As you probably know, the first generation is extremely rare, it is made of hard rubber and it is very easy to recognize. I am very fortunate to have four. Here on this pic you can see the front and the back.
    BTW, I don’t know what you refer to by a "new length" in your last sentence?
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