725 Feather/Field engraving question

Discussion in 'Browning Citori Shotgun' started by K.K., Jun 14, 2019.

  1. K.K.

    K.K. Copper BB

    Hello all, new to this site & hoped I could get some info. on the engraving on these guns.
    I’ve seen Pheasant & Duck on pictures of what are suppose to be 12s & 20s & I’ve seen pictures with the Grouse & Quail on what are supposed to be pictures of 12s &
    Am I correct in thinking the Pheasant & Duck are on the 12s & Grouse & Quail are on the 20s & the pictures I am seeing on line are not of the correct gauge they are identify them as?
    Browning website & catalogues I have access to are no help in clarifying this.
    Have a feather 20-26”on the way to me by the way.

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