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  1. mnh2obuff

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    I finally got to put my hands on my new .223 BLR after being sent by Buds. Being in California I still have my 10 day waiting period to go through. I am impressed with the fit and finish of the rifle. With all the negative I've read concerning the trigger, I found the one on this gun to be plenty light. I don't have a gauge but I would guess under 4 pounds. The one question I have is concerning using 5.56 ammo in the rifle. Browning website list is as only .223. The listing on Bud's was .223/5.56. I did email Browning and they said it was okay to shoot he 5.56. However, the markings on the rifle only list .223. My Ruger GSR is advertise as 5.56 NATO and the markings on the barrel state the same. It is not of any real concern to me because most of my commercial loads are .223 and I only reload to those specs. Just curious if Browning misstated or not. It will be a couple of weeks before I can report on how it shoots.
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    If Browning told you you can put 5.56x45mm through it, then go by that.
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    Always go with the caliber listed on the barrel in your hand...if it says .223 Remington...ONLY use that...

    If the barrel says 5.56x45mm, you can use both.

    5.56 NATO is loaded hotter and thus has higher chamber pressures... it should NOT be used in a .223 Rem barrel.

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    This is the answer I got from Browning: "As far as we know. The 5.56 Nato is safe to shoot through our 223 calibers." My emphasis, but I was hoping for a more definitive answer. I will go with the markings on the barrel and only shoot .223. Only 2 more days until I can get my hands on it.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    " As far as I know "...!?

    My reply is sound...and can be collaborated anywhere.
  6. mnh2obuff

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    I agree totally. I was just confused as to why Browning couldn't offer a more positive response.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    I guess just anyone will answer a phone there...and then impart "bad info".

    My business would have a dedicated staff that knew the answers...
    or...at least where to find them.

    Just use what ammo the barrel is marked for...
  8. Rob poston

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    Shooter nailed it. If the barrel has been pressure tested for the hotter 5.56X45mm, then it will be proofed into the barrel. If it is only proofed for .223, then it is not safe to to chamber the higher pressure round in the rifle. Always go with what's on on the barrel. Many people look specifically for the 5.56NATO proofing as a selling point, and if the manufacturer tested the barrel for the higher pressure round, then they would stamp it in. Remember, the rep at Browning can tell you whatever they like, but in the end of the day, it is your hands that will be holding the firearm, and your life at risk.
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    My rule of thumb is this. When in doubt, .223 only.
  10. Rob poston

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    Problem is that the rep on the phone is likely just an "answer runner", who does not necessarily know the answer but can "get it for you". Take it with a grain of salt. That is the result of having a call center operator that is versed on customer service only. They are not techs. Furthermore, even the techs often times don't know for sure, themselves, as manufacturers often outsource parts such as barrels and magazines for their firearms.
  11. mnh2obuff

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    I just took the rifle out in preparation for shooting tomorrow and the markings on the barrel are ".223 only" which is just what I will shoot.
  12. Malpaso

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    Email from me to Browning -

    Hello, I am writing to clarify whether the BLR .223 can be used with 5.56 ammunition or not. Thank you.

    Email response from Browning -

    Thank you for the email. We do not suggest using this as a steady diet in the gun; however, it is okay to shoot on occasion.

    Best Regards,

    Browning Customer Service

  13. sschefer

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    A rifle that's chambered for 5.56 will shoot .223 safely but unless it is a .223 Wylde chambering you should never put 5.56 in a barrel that's marked as .223 unless it say's .223 Wylde. I don't care what the help desk at Browning say's that's the way it is. Be safe and run .223 only if it's not marked .223 Wylde.

    For Browning to say what they did in the email is just plain bad. How do they know what ammo you're using. For example a 55 grain bullet on occasions is OK but there's a big difference in pressures between a 55 and a 75-77 grain bullet. And, what does on occasion mean? Does it mean on occasion you can run a 1oo rounds of 5.56 through it or does it mean on occasions you can run a single round. Think about it.

    Please just be safe and run .223, it's not any different than shooting 5.56. The only difference might be when buying bulk and that difference is only money. Not worth it.
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