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  1. Hi, again, my name is Lester. I'm virtually brand new to this forum and to my very first shotgun, a 1978 Browning BPS with 28' barrel and modified fixed choke. No compass in the stock ;-)

    I've been learning so much about the rifle and what I'll be able to do with it, and it's quickly become an addiction to get to know and understand every aspect of it.

    It seems the previous owner took special care of this rifle, it looks like it was new only a short time ago! This is simply a magnificent piece I've got here. I paid 360.00 out the door for it with a case. The only trouble I see with it is I think I need a shorter recoil pad. My short T-Rex arms strain a little too much when reaching for the trigger. Also, I've been doing my homework about the forend, and have been investigating the little bit of wobble it has. I've actually looked closely at the forend with the barrel off, and it seems the action bar assembly has small rivets as part of its construction, but yet when I look up BPS action bar assemblies as a replacement part, if I were to need one, they look to be constructed differently as one solid piece.. Am I examining this correctly? It seems like a more solid assembly would be an upgrade that would lessen the forend wobble.. Can anyone chime in who has a BPS of this vintage? Thanks! Hope to meet some new people soon.

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