1969 model Browning Challenger

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    Got this pistol for Christmas from my stepmother. It was given to her by the original owner in the mid 1980s. Pistol is 90%+. I would give it higher but it has had about 200 rounds put through over its life.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    In the next pic what I thought was a scratch is shown. When I took the pistol apart for a bath, it came off. Bluing is 100% on the pistol. It has been kept in the factory rug it's entire life.[​IMG]

    This pistol has one of the best factory triggers I have ever shot.
    I just wanted to share a 50 year old gem with you guys.

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    Nice Challenger.

    I have several. One of them I have put well over 250,000 rounds through. I used it so much that I had to refinish it in hard chrome to keep it looking good. I shoot it more than all my other firearms combined. May I suggest a trimmed down Buck Mark buffer in front of the recoil lug.

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