1911-380 Problem! Please help thanks!

Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by JasonBrowning, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. JasonBrowning

    JasonBrowning Copper BB

    Keep getting nose up jams! Happens on all 3 mags I have. All Browning mags. Seems to happen on the 2nd or 3rd to last round. Any info would help! Thanks.

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  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    I don’t own a 1911-380 but I do have 3 1911’s. Most problems can be traced to the magazines. In your case I would guess the feed lips are too far apart and as the weight of the stack decreases, the mag spring is able to push the next round past them.

    I finally replaced my 1911 mags with Wilson Combat and haven’t experienced any more jams. I don’t know if there are any after market mags for you but I’d look for some. I’d also call Browning and complain, and experiment with at least one of the 3 mags to try to make it work.

    Good Luck!
  3. MCPO

    MCPO Copper BB

    No help in a solution to the problem.

    I have 4 Factory mags and the 2 that came with the gun, plus one of the newer mags. will occasionally do the same exact thing. Mine are always the next to the last rd. Happens maybe once or twice every 3rd or 4th range trip (100 to 150 rds per range trip). It's not a consistant occurrence for me. Not ammo related as it has happened on Winchester, Remington and my reloads with Everglades FMJ rds..

    Stretching the mag springs seemed to work for awhile, but the sporadic occurrences returned and stretching was a hit or miss solution so gave up on that. A stronger mag spring might solve it but only a guess and to my knowledge no one offers Mag springs for these guns but Remington.
  4. MutinousDoug

    MutinousDoug .22LR

    Refer to the "Browning 1911-380 Handgun troubleshooting" thread further down for pictures and a discussion of the problem you are having.

    My Black Label suffered the same until I returned it to Browning where they exchanged magazines and replaced the barrel for one with a proper chamfer on the barrel hood. I can't tell for sure but your pic doesn't show much of a relief on the underside of the hood which looks like it's catching the nose of the bullet.

    I've had very good reliability with lead or jacketed rnd nose or hollow points since the gun was returned to me.
  5. Tim Lange

    Tim Lange .22LR

    I have four magazines for my 4.25" Black Label. I shoot Federal bulk FMJ. If I keep my round count below 200 I have not had any misfeeds or jams. Above 200 I start getting misfeeds, I suspect it is too dirty as a good cleaning will allow it to run trouble free.
  6. Griffen

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    I have two black labels and experienced the same problem. There is a thread about the front lip of the magazine spacing that was spot on for me. I believe the lip spacing needs to be no more than .308 (that is from memory, so check the thread). Being a bit handy with tools, I chose to close the gap myself on several magazines and they work well now. I bought three extras before adjusting the opening thinking maybe the mags were defective, but they are all made that way.

    I only had problems with the ball ammo; all the expensive ammo ran fine.

    This is a very annoying problem that Browning should fix. These little pistols are way too expensive (relatively) to have this type of problem.

    All that said, mine are extremely accurate. More so that my Colt or Walther .380’s and are really fun to shoot.

    Good luck!
  7. I have 4 magazines for mine. Had to close the gap on all four (2 were replacements). One of them continues NOT to lock the slide back on the last shot as well the previous problem.

    My pistol is accurate but shoots 3" higher than point of aim. Have about 800 rounds through it now (one recoil spring replacement) and it continues to have intermittent failures to eject, occasional light primer strikes.

    Since there is no aftermarket support for springs...we are stuck with we've got. IMO 'my' pistol (maybe not others) would benefit greatly from heavier magazine springs and stronger recoil spring.

    Don't know who's bright idea it was to have the magazine spring protrude through the follower and be the item that lifts the slide lock, but it sucks.

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  8. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    I don’t know what it is about this forum; the OP posted on June 11 and hasn’t been back since. This seems to happen a lot. What is it with these guys?
  9. Good point.

    I joined since this site is dedicated to Browning products and it is hard to find information on other sites that isn't scattered all over in different posts.

    BUT...disappointed that the site sees so little activity. Made all the worse when someone posts...then doesn't 'follow-up'.

    Doesn't help anyone when no solution/conclusion is reached.
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